Luna Trampolines is in the unique position of being both a manufacturer of the product and operators of the final leisure venue. This enables us to provide customers with a complete operational blueprint.

Through our trading show site, Go Bounce (www.go-bounce.com) we have developed comprehensive operating procedures which have been documented through an operations manual.

Go Bounce is made available to all Luna Trampoline customers to use as their training ground.

We would encourage all clients considering the development of a trampoline park to visit both our factory and show site to fully understand the scope of our service and support.

Develop a centre of Excellence through our show site Go Bounce trampoline park

Be compliant not complacent

Luna trampolines customers can have total confidence that the product supplied is fully compliant with current UK standards and has been independently audited to confirm that a high quality finish has been achieved.

Once the equipment has been installed, customers will benefit from:

  • An Independent Post Installation Inspection
  • Manufacturers Guidelines issued and delivered through training session
  • Templates for performing daily inspections issued and staff training provided
  • Rules of Bounce for patrons issued and staff training provided on the imposed rules
  • Patron waivers issued and staff appraised
  • Warranty schedule and certificate issued
  • Staff training for the basic repair and upkeep of the structure including:
    • Changing Trampoline beds
    • Installing new springs
    • Tightening bolts
    • Performing Patch Repairs On PVC Cover
  • Issuing of comprehensive emergency repair kit
  • An Invitation to undertake operational training at our show site Go Bounce, Doncaster.

All Luna Trampoline customers will also benefit from the having the 1st years maintenance package provided free of charge, which will include preventative maintenance visits at 6 monthly intervals during which our technicians would review your equipment in full, your documented inspection methods / records and provide further training and support as required.

We are one of the UK’s leading Trampoline Park Suppliers – For more information on our Operations and Safety support then please contact our team on 01302 846876.

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