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Our product is engineered to last!

Luna Trampolines is a specialist trampoline park supplier who manufactures all of its product at its 20,000 sqft factory based in Doncaster, UK. Our product is manufactured using the highest grade raw materials available, which are all sourced from sustainable sources within the UK.

The design of each component in a Luna Trampoline park has been specifically engineered to suit its application and tested to ensure maximum quality and longevity. This ensures that trampoline parks supplied by Luna Trampolines have a much lower ongoing maintenance and repair cost compared to parks supplied by other trampoline park suppliers.

We believe that a products provenance is of utmost importance. By choosing a Luna Trampolines product, you will be choosing a Quality British Made Product

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Experience and Competency

Our design team has been trained to design exciting and innovative product in a safe, fun environment whilst considering the commercial framework when determining product / service mix and overall spatial allocation.

With nearly 25 years’ experience in designing multi-visitor leisure attractions, the designers utilise their specialist knowledge and their vast experience of designing facility layouts to achieve an optimum configuration delivering commercial viability.

The team has a broad range of skills which include product, graphic, and technical design, enabling the provision of an all-encompassing design service.


We believe that innovation is essential to differentiate our product from that of our competitors, and this is why we invest so heavily into the research and development of new and exciting product lines.

With innovation being high on our corporate agenda we endeavour to make new product lines available to both new and existing customers alike allowing retrofit of new products for existing Luna Trampolines product.

Principles of Design

Multi-bed indoor trampoline parks combine a mixture of flat and angled interlocking beds allowing users to enjoy time with their friends bouncing around the jumping arena and participating in activities including dodgeball, slam dunk or diving into a foam pit or onto an airbag … great fun !

Our design principles ensure we develop all-inclusive trampoline parks that focus on the user experience from the point at which they arrive at the premises to the moment they depart. The facility layout will be designed to control the flow of visitors throughout their stay allowing the health and wellbeing of customers to be safeguarded by the processes the business has in place.

Quality Assurance

Luna Trampoline product quality is achieved from the desire to produce the best product on the market through the application of experienced design techniques, an automated production facility and the sourcing of the highest quality components and materials available. A rigorous quality control process ensures that all trampoline park product is top quality.

Engineered to Last

The Luna Trampolines product is designed and manufactured in compliance with structural requirements laid down by an independent structural engineer and audited to comply with relevant British Standards.

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Popular Features

Fitness Zone

fitness zone

The fitness zone is an area within your trampoline park, which has been designed to be used as an open bounce zone during busy periods but can be adapted to allow an instructor to run a bounce-fit class during quieter periods.

It is said that a 1 hour trampoline session can burn up to 1000 calories and offer tremendous health benefits and will cater for the those looking to keep fit!

Beginners Zone

begginers zone

A beginner’s bounce zone is an important element of any trampoline centre, and whilst the equipment is no different in terms of construction to the other trampolines, the way in which this area is designed, integrated and operated is integral.

For example, beginners bounce is located at the front of the venue close to the parental zone so that the children can be closely supervised and is often separated from other trampolines in a bid to encourage age segregation.



Dodgeball zones are normally self contained area the cater up to two teams of eight players.

Operators are encouraged to set up a dodgeball league, with great potential for social media interaction a dodgeball court offers a great alternative to the rest of the more open areas.

Luna Trampolines will provide all rules for the game as well as training for the marshals, this will result in a safe , fun, family friendly zone!

Tumble Tracks

tumble tracks
The purpose of a tumble track is to cater for more advanced users wishing to practice flips and more advanced manoeuvres.

Using long unobstructed trampoline beds, users are invited to use the vast space to develop and refine their gymnastic skills.

Parkour Zone

parkour zone

Our range of trampoline parkour equipment has been designed to add some variety to the overall trampoline experience. The addition of obstacles allows the more advanced users to develop their free running skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Slam Dunk

slam dunk
A Basketball zone is a standard inclusion in most trampoline parks, and offers a great deal of fun and allows users to feel slam dunk like a pro!

The basketball is area is divided into individual lanes for safety an enclosed with netting to control the activity.

Foam Pit

foam pit

Practice those extreme moves in our Luna foam pits! Great for all ages, you can somersault, flip, and fly into a cushy bed of foam and bounce right back up for more.

Foam pits ranges from 3,000+ cubes to over 10,000.  The cubes are available in a full colour range, most operators decided to tie them back into the brand colours of the facility.



As an alternative to  a foam pit an airbag provides a safe landing platform cushioned by  pockets of air. You can also add you logo to the bag to tie it back in with your brand.

Every airbag is delivered with an installation and training course to ensure that your staff is fully trained and ready for safe operations.

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